Cruising yacht club hamilton island
Cruising Yacht Club Hamilton Island
Commodore's Message

Ahoy Sailing enthusiasts,we’re back on the water!!!
It has been a beautiful winter with glorious sailing conditions.

We’ve had some great winter cruising and I hope you have had some too.
This seasons racing is setting up to be a cracker with some new vessels joining in on the action.

Mark Strobell - Commodore CYCHIWith race week as a back drop we will be keeping momentum as we commence the 2017 / 2018 season.

We have some great plans to build the club with some events throughout the season to get as many on the water as possible so keep an eye out for these gatherings.

Last session was challenging for a number of reasons, however
we still pulled through with many memories to archive.

In particular the end of season presentation dinner provided a sumptuous food offering along with an outlet for the community to get together in a semi-formal environment.

Congratulations go to Rhumbmaid, Phat and Scary and Idle Time for a well fought out season.




Since the completion of the IGA store the road leading to it is almost falling to pieces due to the amount of traffic making it’s way to enjoy some of the specials that are on offer.
As a consequence our club has had to pull up it’s roots and relocate to an alternative venue.

We are fortunate enough to be able to continue meeting as a community club at the R-Bar. The options were somewhat limited, however I look forward to a great club / R-bar working relationship of the course of the season.

Our aim is to generate a greater awareness of who we are and what we are about as a professional Australian sailing accredited community club.
For non HIE club participants simply purchase a membership to gain access to this generally employee only venue.

Presentations along with offerings from the rain forest café will be available to all.
If you choose to drop into Hamilton Island and enjoy a social race as you pass through temporary access for the presentation can be arranged by calling myself directly.

Thank-you to all who made it to the recent AGM for the Hamilton Island Cruising Yacht Club.

We have some goals that we wish to reach this year and the team below, with you on board, will help us get things passed and across the line not only for the club but for the Hamilton Island community at large.
Thank-you for putting your hands up and all are welcome to canvass any ideas throughout the season.

We also need to remove items that are currently stored in Bohemes.
This involves moving some tables and chairs to an off-site container at gate 8. I proposed an alternative for the storage of this equipment so we could still use them, however unfortunately the request has been denied.
If you can lend a hand please let me know.


Committee Members

Commodore Mark Strobel
Vice Commodore / Handicapper Craig Traill
Secretary/Treasurer Janine Comer
Junior Sailing Daniel Farrawell
Start Boat Michael Strybis
IT Specialist Neil Piddick
Project consultant David Rose
Project consultant Wayne Singleton


A huge thank-you is to go out to the John and Kay Dempster for graciously offering to get the club started on a good note by sponsoring the club for the first racing month.

John and Kay are the epitome of what the Hamilton island community is all about by throwing support to what is a wonderful cause for many to enjoy.

The Hamilton Island Logo is two sailing boats racing towards a line.
In order to ensure that our club grows to what we believe it should be, I again ask you to support us in our endeavors.

Sponsorship is $500.00 for the month and 100 percent of the money will go towards shaping the club for the future.


Once again Hamilton Island will be hosting a leg of the WOYRC’s series event. September 30th – October 2nd
Sailors will be staying over on September 30th. It would be great to make them feel welcome.

Anyone who wants to assist for the event please let me know. We require a boat on the water to start them off on the 1st and someone collating times from their arrival on the 30th.



Attached is the NOR for this traditional local regatta.
Should any Hamilton Island vessels wish to participate


Bai Hai 17:00:00
Krystal 17:05:00
Mo 17:08:00
Cloud 17:08:00
Rhumbmaid 17:18:00
Wave Sweeper 17:25:00
The Panther 17:28:00
Phat and Scary 17:30:00


Idle Time and Rods new vessel will be slotted into the mix once they arrive back.
Should skippers require any crew a crew list will be made available from those who have expressed an interest.

I look forward to seeing you either on the water or at the R-Bar for the presentations.


Mark Strobell - Commodore CYCHI